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Explore our curated list of dynamic career openings. Become a part of our team and play a pivotal role in defining the future of luxury jewellery.

1. Manufacturing & Jewellery Operations (Various Locations): Immerse yourself in the art of jewellery making, where precision meets creativity in crafting timeless pieces.
2. Retail Opportunities: Represent the face of Riley Watson Jewellery, delivering exceptional customer experiences that align with our brand's luxury ethos.
3. Seasonal Client Advisor: Provide top-tier client service during our peak seasons, ensuring every interaction reflects the elegance and excellence of our brand.
4. Client Advisor: Embark on a journey as a trusted advisor to our clients, guiding them through our exquisite collections and bespoke services.

"At Riley Watson, Our Unity Fuels Inspiration."

Join us at Riley Watson, where we provide you with the essential tools for success in a professional setting that values and celebrates creativity, innovation, and hard work. We are committed to supporting your journey towards an exciting future, all while you contribute to our longstanding tradition of excellence.

"Experience the Riley Watson Difference"

Life at Riley Watson Jewellery is underpinned by our strong commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce, embracing sustainability, and delivering joy to our clients. Our team members are passionately dedicated, continually inspiring each other to embrace challenges and take risks. It's this collective brilliance and a shared passion for success, paired with mutual appreciation and support, that truly sets us apart.

We warmly invite you to become a part of Riley Watson. Embrace boldness. Shine in your brilliance. Celebrate your unique self.

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